This is about my experience with tamarind for the first time. Tamarind, sweet tamarind…so knowing, so trusting, so love…ed. To borrow from “So I Married An Axe Murderer” 😝ha ha
I tried sweet tamarind for the first time and I would definitely recommend it. It has an interesting flavour and is extremely beautiful to look at. Which proves to me how I like to see things in the world because my husband and daughter did not think it was beautiful AT ALL (no cat poo comments please). 🙀
Entwined with skeletal like fibres, sweet dried pulp & black glassy pits it was an adventure discovering it. Sort of looks like & opens up like a peanut. 🥜
So go for it next time you see an interesting little box from Thailand lurking next to the magnificent Medjool Dates. It might be worth it for you ✨

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